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Pre-built Zendesk integrations

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Create a new Task in Capsule CRM when a new Zendesk Ticket is Created

Keep your team in the loop by adding a task in your Capsule CRM when a new support ticket is created in Zendesk.

Create Zendesk ticket for Insightly opportunities with technical challenges

This cycle looks for Insightly opportunities that have been assigned a state with "Support" in it. Once found, it then checks Zendesk for tickets with the Insightly Opportunity ID in the title, creating a new ticket if it is not found.

Automatically Enter Website Support Tickets into Pipedrive & Zendesk

This cycle collects support enquiries posted from your website via Gravity Forms, adding them as a new contact in Pipedrive (if not already listed) and creates a new Zendesk ticket. An activity is also created in Pipedrive to note the users account.

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Zendesk Features

Full list of all Zendesk API methods that we provide.

Satisfaction Ratings

Feature Description Type
Create Satisfaction Rating Create the satisfaction rating for a solved ticket, or one that was solved and then re-opened. action
Get Ticket Rating Gets the satisfaction rating for a specific ticket. get
List Satisfaction Ratings Get all received satisfaction ratings for an account. get


Feature Description Type
Create Multiple Tickets Bulk import tickets into Zendesk. action
Create Ticket Create a Zendesk ticket. action
Delete Ticket Deletes a Zendesk ticket. action
Get Closed Tickets Search for tickets that are closed. get
Get New Tickets Search for tickets that are new. get
Get On Hold Tickets Search for tickets that are on hold. get
Get Open Tickets Search for tickets that are open. get
Get Pending Tickets Search for tickets that are pending. get
Get Solved Tickets Search for tickets that have been solved. get
Get Ticket Search for tickets by ticket ID. get
Get Tickets by Email Search for tickets submitted by a specified email address. get
Import Ticket Import a ticket into Zendesk. action
Update Ticket Updates a Zendesk ticket. action
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