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Turbocharge your sales and marketing communications by integrating Twilio’s powerful SMS platform.

Cyclr’s easy to use, drag & drop automation workflow builder allows you to connect Twilio to your essential business apps. Integrate Twilio with your CRM, marketing platform, event booking system and other third-party services, to benefit from added customer service, personalised messaging & increased conversions.

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Create branching workflows, blending many apps into a seamless process.


Trigger actions on dates, take the right action at the right time.

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Case Studies

How Cyclr integrates and automates Twilio

Send Custom SMS Messages to Event Attendees

Enhance your event attendees’ experience by letting them know what to see and do while they are there - without adding extra tasks that effect your running the event itself.

With Cyclr you can create an automation workflow that notifies checked-in attendees of relevant talks, stands and exhibitions, allowing you to create specific messages for different ticket types, days attended or attendance intent.

Customise your workflows to send out event reminders or even create new marketing revenue streams!

Improve Customer Communications with SMS

Keep your customers in the loop with their order status via SMS to improve relations and enhance customer satisfaction.

SMS is a ubiquitous medium that offers the highest communications visibility, with an open rate of 98%, providing your business an opportunity to add the personal touch to their customer experience; letting them know that you are fulfilling their desired service, without having to assign additional resources.

Cyclr’s integration with Twilio allows you to create a wide range of custom messages that can be sent out on predefined triggers.

Pre-built Twilio SMS integrations

Try any of these Twilio SMS integrations, no account required

Conference attendee check-in

Integrate Eventbrite and Twilio to automatically update checked in attendees with promos and speaker notifications via SMS.

Automatically List Sent Twilio Messages in a Google Spreadsheet

Automatically keep track of your outgoing Twilio SMS messages by adding them to a Google Sheet.

Send a reminder SMS to owners of tasks due to be completed today

Make sure your tasks aren't forgotten with SMS reminders! This cycle checks for tasks that are due today in your Capsule CRM and sends an SMS reminder to the task owner through Twilio.

Send "Thank You For Your Message" SMS to Contact Form 7 Submitters

Thank your user for their message through SMS with this COntact Form 7 and Twilio integration.

Send "Thank You For Your Message" SMS to Gravity Forms Submitters

Thank your users for their message via SMS with this Gravity Forms and Twilio integration.

Send a "Thank You for Registering" SMS to newly made Eventbrite Orders

Thank customers for registering to your event through SMS! This cycle combines Eventbrite, Salesforce and Twilio to add that little bit extra customer service.

Conference attendee check-in

Send & schedule custom SMS messages to your conference's VIP attendees, while automatically preparing for your post-show follow up campaign by updating your MailChimp attendee list.

Send Customers SMS reminders of when you're at an event

Automatically send your Salesforce contacts that are attending your event a reminder SMS through Twilio with this great Salesforce integration.

Send an SMS to customer when order has been fulfilled

Automatically send a thank you SMS to customers whose orders are being dispatched with this Shopify & Twilio integration.

Send an SMS to customer when order has been fulfilled

Automatically send a thank you SMS to customers whose orders are being dispatched with this Shopify & Twilio integration.

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Twilio SMS Features

Full list of all Twilio SMS API methods that we provide.


Feature Description Type
Receive SMS Triggered when an SMS is sent to a number in your Twilio account webhook
Retrieve Messages List Get a list of messages associated with your account. get
Retrieve SMS Get a single message by providing its MessageSid. get
Send SMS Send an SMS or MMS message. You must provide at least one of the following parameters - Message and Media URL - but both can be used. action
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