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Automate your business processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration. Create automation workflows that connect your CRM data with your email marketing platform, support services, billing systems and much more.

With Cyclr’s drag and drop workflow builder you can integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your favourite cloud applications without code!

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What does Cyclr do?

Powerful automations and workflows


Integrate the apps you run to share data and trigger actions.


Create branching workflows, blending many apps into a seamless process.


Trigger actions on dates, take the right action at the right time.

Report and Monitor

View reports and ensure your workflows run smoothly.

Case Studies

How Cyclr integrates and automates Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Email Marketing Integrations

Cyclr support a wide (and growing) range of email marketing suites, that allow you to create beautiful and dynamic email campaigns. Our marketing integrations take a lot of the hassle out of creating more bespoke, user centric campaigns that really speak to your customers, as well as keeping the rest of your team in the loop. Plus, the drag and drop interface means you can set up custom workflows for new campaigns in minutes!

Set Up Your Pre & Post Event Marketing Campaigns Well in Advance

Automatically manage post-show attendee and non-attendee messages well in advance - allowing your team to focus on the event itself - by making the most of marketing automation.

Cyclr’s workflow builder allows you to create automation rules that handle your customers data from the moment they register to your event. Automatically create mailing lists on your prefered email marketing platform for attendees and non-attendees, send messages during the event or handle exhibitor re-bookings for your next show.

Syncing your Online Shop with your CRM

Your online shop already has the functionality to collect data on customers and orders, so by passing this into your Insightly CRM you will be able to generate more accurate sales reports that represent your business as a whole. Cyclr’s drag and drop workflow builder allows you to create these connections in minutes, letting you tailor your data requirements to the systems and processes you use.

Pre-built Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrations

Try any of these Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrations, no account required

Add Microsoft Dynamics CRM contact attending event to MailChimp list

This marketing automation workflow checks newly added contacts to Microsoft Dynamics CRM against your Eventbrite attendee list to your event, adding them to your MailChimp mailing list, after enhancing their information with FullContact, if they are not already on there.

Add new Shopify customers to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

This cycle automatically adds newly signed up customers from your Shopify eCommerce store to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

Automatically add new Microsoft Dynamics CRM contacts to your Pure360 lists

Keep your mailing list up to date by automatically adding new Microsoft Dynamics CRM contacts to your Pure360 Email marketing account.

Add & enhance new Microsoft Dynamics CRM contacts in your Sendible account

Automatically add, update and enhance new contact information in your Sendible email marketing account once a new contact is added to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Sync Microsoft Dynamics CRM & SendGrid contacts

Automatically sync your Microsoft Dynamics and SendGrid contacts with this CRM automation workflow. When a new contact is added to Dynamics CRM it is checked against SendGrid contact, being added if not already listed.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Features

Full list of all Microsoft Dynamics CRM API methods that we provide.


Feature Description Type
Create Contact Creates a new contact. action
Delete Contact Deletes a contact. action
Get Contact By Email Address Gets a contact from Dynamics. get
Get Contact By ID Gets a contact from Dynamics. get
Get New Contacts Gets the new contacts added to Dynamics since the last time the process was run in this Cycle. get
Get Updated Contacts Gets updated contacts modified in Dynamics since the last time the process was run in this Cycle. get
Update Contact Updates a contact. action
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