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Case Studies

How Cyclr integrates and automates Freshdesk

Integrating Support Platforms

Support ticket generation and management platforms can be a life saver for businesses with high volumes of requests or large support teams. They allow the team to manage everything, including customer interactions, within the application, preventing issues slipping through the gaps. But what if you want this information added to your Insightly contacts and leads? Cyclr’s workflow builder lets you do that, without adding any extra work to your team.

If your support team relies on Freshdesk for support management why not create a workflow to integrate it with your Insightly CRM? You can pass data back to Insightly to ensure your contacts have complete history of interactions, or why not allow your sales team to automatically create tickets when one of their opportunities requires support assistance.

Keep Track of Support Enquiries Within CRM

In order to better understand a customer’s requirements and history with your company being able to see what support interactions they have had with you is a must. Support tasks can be performed and tracked by teams in numerous different applications, but having that data available in your CRM is vital for tracking your customer’s full history.

Website Based Support Forms

Many companies that don’t need to offer much support rely on embedded forms in their websites, allowing customers to send support requests. While most of these simply send the request to a support team member by email it is possible to have that data logged in your Insightly CRM at the same time.

Cyclr’s workflow builder supports popular form plugins including Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms, allowing you to instantly pass the data to where you need it with a few clicks. Once Cyclr is connected to your form you can use the incoming data to find a record in your Insightly contact. For this, I would recommend selecting “Email address” as the field to match records by. This will find the relevant contact record, allowing you to automatically add a note or task detailing the request.

Pre-built Freshdesk integrations

Try any of these Freshdesk integrations, no account required

Create Freshdesk ticket for Insightly opportunities with technical challenges

Support Service Automation! This cycle looks for Insightly opportunities that have been assigned a state with "Support" in it. Once found, it then checks Freshdesk for tickets with the Insightly Opportunity ID in the title, creating a new ticket if it is not found.

Automatically Enter Website Support Tickets into Pipedrive & Freshdesk

This cycle collects support enquiries posted from your website via Gravity Forms, adding them as a new contact in Pipedrive (if not already listed) and creates a new Freshdesk contact and a ticket. An activity is also created in Pipedrive to note the users account.

Automatically create a Freshdesk ticket if a user triggers a certain event in Intercom

Here's a SaaSy support automation for you; when a user triggers a particular event in Intercom (such as an in-app error) a new contact and ticket is created in Freshdesk, helping you bust those bugs.

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Freshdesk Features

Full list of all Freshdesk API methods that we provide.


Feature Description Type
Create Contact Create a contact inside this Freshdesk account. action
Delete Contact Delete a contact from this Freshdesk account. action
List All Contacts List contacts from this Freshdesk account. get
Update Contact Update a contact inside this Freshdesk account. You must change at least one field. action
View Contact View a contact from this Freshdesk account. get


Feature Description Type
Create Ticket Create a ticket in this Freshdesk account. action
Delete Ticket Delete a ticket from this Freshdesk account. action
List All Tickets List all tickets from this Freshdesk account. get
Update Ticket Update a ticket in this Freshdesk account. action
View Ticket View a ticket from this Freshdesk account. get
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