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Campaign Monitor’s powerful email marketing platform includes tools to create personalised and targeted campaigns that your customers will love. But can we enhance these campaigns and use the data across your business?

With Cyclr you can. Create your own automation workflows with our drag and drop builder to connect your Campaign Monitor account with all of your essential cloud applications.

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What does Cyclr do?

Powerful automations and workflows


Integrate the apps you run to share data and trigger actions.


Create branching workflows, blending many apps into a seamless process.


Trigger actions on dates, take the right action at the right time.

Report and Monitor

View reports and ensure your workflows run smoothly.

Case Studies

How Cyclr integrates and automates Campaign Monitor

Create & Manage Bespoke Segments for your Customers

Boost your email marketing open rates and reconvert existing customers with new products by creating your own marketing automation workflows.

You can create a cycle that sends completed orders from eCommerce store to your Campaign Monitor, letting your automatically add subscribers to custom segments based around the products they purchase. These highly specific segments allow you to send product centric messages to subscribers that you know are interested.

CRM and Email Marketing Automation

Your CRM holds the keys to your sales. You use it to manage contacts, track leads, run projects, record sales - it is your business. Combining this data with your emailing marketing platform allows you to create far more tailor made campaigns by managing your email marketing lists more accurately.

Cyclr’s drag and drop workflow builder allows you to link, sync and automate process between your favourite Cloud platforms. Ensure your sales and marketing teams are effectively working together by adding automated processes between their prefered systems.

Set Up Your Pre & Post Event Marketing Campaigns Well in Advance

Automatically manage post-show attendee and non-attendee messages well in advance - allowing your team to focus on the event itself - by making the most of marketing automation.

Cyclr’s workflow builder allows you to create automation rules that handle your customers data from the moment they register to your event. Automatically create mailing lists on your prefered email marketing platform for attendees and non-attendees, send messages during the event or handle exhibitor re-bookings for your next show.

Pre-built Campaign Monitor integrations

Try any of these Campaign Monitor integrations, no account required

Integrate Gravity Forms With Campaign Monitor

Integrate your website and Campaign Monitor account to automatically update and add new contacts received from your website's forms.

Add New Pipedrive Contacts to Campaign Monitor

Make sure your Pipedrive CRM and Campaign Monitor marketing lists are in order and up to date. This cycle checks to see if your contact is already on the mailing list, adding them if they aren't.

Add New Insightly Contacts to Campaign Monitor

Keep your marketing lists up to date! Automatically check to see if your new Insightly CRM contact is in Campaign Monitor and add them if they're not.

Add New WooCommerce Customers to Campaign Monitor

Keep your eCommerce customers in the loop with this cycle. Automatically add your new WooCommerce customers to Campaign Monitor and let them know about the latest additions to your store.

Add New Magento Customers to Campaign Monitor

Automatically keep on top of your eCommerce marketing. Ensure all of your new Magento shop customers are added to your Campaign Monitor campaign lists with this cycle.

Add New Shopify Customers to Campaign Monitor

Integrate your Shopfiy and Campaign Monitor accounts to make the most of marketing automation. This cycle allows you to automatically add new customers to your Campaign Monitor lists.

Add New Capsule Contacts to Campaign Monitor

Sync your CRM data with your marketing campaigns with this marketing automation cycle! Automatically add your new Capsule CRM contacts with your Campaign Monitor lists.

Add New Salesforce Leads to Campaign Monitor

Keep your marketing campaigns up to date with this Salesforce integration. Automatically add new Salesforce leads as new Campaign Monitor subscribers.

Integrate Contact Form 7 With Campaign Monitor

Set your form to add new subscribers to your Campaign Monitor marketing list.

Add Magento Customers to specific Campaign Monitor segments depending on what they have purchased

Let your customers know about other great products you offer based on what they have purchased. This marketing automation cycle integrates Magento and Campaign Monitor to put customers in mailing list segments based on their purchased product category, creating a new one if it doesn't already exist.

Add & Enhance new Campaign Monitor Subscribers to Salesforce

This Cycle is triggered when a new subscriber registers to your Campaign Monitor list. The contact details are enhanced by FullContact before checking to see if they are in your Salesforce CRM, adding them if they are not.

Automatically Add Your HubSpot Contacts to Campaign Monitor

Make sure your Campaign Monitor lists are up to date with this integration. This cycle checks your HubSpot CRM contacts against a Campaign Monitor list, adding a new record if one is not found.

Add new Zoho contacts to your Campaign Monitor list

Keep your Campaign Monitor list up to date with this marketing automation workflow. When a new Zoho CRM contact is added it is checked against your chosen Campaign Monitor list, adding it as a new contact if not listed.

Adding email clicks from Campaign Monitor in Pipedrive as Activities

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Campaign Monitor Features

Full list of all Campaign Monitor API methods that we provide.

Campaign Performance

Feature Description Type
Get Bounces Retrieves all the subscribers that bounced for a given campaign. get
Get Campaign KPIs Provides a basic summary of the results for any sent campaign. get
Get Campaign Unsubscribes Retrieves all the subscribers that unsubscribed for a given campaign. get
Get Clicks Retrieves all the subscribers that clicked for a given campaign. get
Get Client Statistics To get delivery and engagement statistics. get
Get Email Clients Lists the email clients subscribers used to open the campaign. get
Get Lists and Segments Returns the lists and segments any campaign was sent to. get
Get Opens Retrieves all the subscribers that opened for a given campaign. get
Get Recipients Retrieves all the subscribers that a given campaign was sent to. get
Get Spam Complaints Retrieves all the subscribers that marked the campaign as spam. get


Feature Description Type
Delete Campaign Deletes a draft campaign from your account. action
Get Draft Campaigns Returns all draft campaigns for a client. get
Get Scheduled Campaigns Returns all currently scheduled campaigns for a client including from name, from email, reply to email, preview URL, ID, subject, name, date created, date scheduled, and the scheduled timezone. get
Get Sent Campaigns Get a list of campaigns sent within a client's account. get
Send Campaign Schedules a draft campaign for sending either immediately or at date and time in the future. action
Send Preview Sends a preview of any draft campaign to a one or more email addresses. action
Unschedule Campaign Unschedules a campaign from your account. action


Feature Description Type
Create Client Creates a new client in your account with basic contact information and no access to the application. action
Get Client Details Get the complete details for a client including their API key, access level, contact details and billing settings. get
Get Clients Get a list of all the clients in your account. get
Update Client Account Update the basic account details. action

Custom Fields

Feature Description Type
Create Field Creates a new custom field for a list in your account. action
Delete Field Delete a custom field. action
Update Field Updates a custom field for a list in your account. action
Update Field Options Updates the available options for an existing Multi-Valued custom field. action


Feature Description Type
Add Subscriber Add a single subscriber to a list. action
Create List Creates a new list into which subscribers can be added or imported. Set the list title, landing pages, confirmation setting, and unsubscribe setting. action
Delete List Delete a list from your account. action
Get Bounced Returns all the bounced subscribers for a given list in your account. get
Get Custom Fields Returns all the custom fields for a given list in your account. get
Get Deleted Returns all the deleted subscribers for a given list in your account. get
Get List Statistics Get a summary of a list in your account. get
Get List Subscribers Returns all the active subscribers for a given list in your account. get
Get List Unsubscribes Returns all the unsubscribed users for a given list in your account. get
Get Lists Returns all subscriber lists for a client. get
Get Summary Get a summary of a list in your account. get
Get Unconfirmed Returns all the unconfirmed subscribers for a given list in your account. get
Update List Update the basic settings for a list in your account. action

Lists & Segments

Feature Description Type
Delete Segment Deletes an existing segment. action
Get Segment Subscribers Returns all of the active subscribers that match the rules for a specific segment. get


Feature Description Type
Add Rulegroup Creates a new rulegroup for a segment in your account. action
Delete Rules Deletes an existing segment's rules. action
Get Client Segments Returns all segments for a client. get
Get List Segments Returns all the segments for a given list in your account. get
Get Segment Details Returns details about a segment. get


Feature Description Type
Delete Subscriber Delete a subscriber. action
Get Contact Subscriptions Returns all lists to which an email address is subscribed. get
Get Subscriber Retrieves a subscriber's details. get
Get Subscriber History Retrieves a subscriber's history. get
Get Suppression List Returns the suppression list for a client. get
Import Subscribers Add many subscribers at once. action
Subscriber De-Activate Triggered whenever a subscriber in your list is deactivated. webhook
Subscriber Registers Triggered whenever someone subscribes to one of your lists. webhook
Subscriber Update Triggered whenever a subscriber's details are updated. webhook
Suppress Contacts Adds an email address to the suppression list of the specified client. action
Unsubscribe Subscriber Unsubscribe a subscriber. action
Unsuppress Contact Removes a single email address from the suppression list of the specified client. action
Update Subscriber Update a single subscriber. action


Feature Description Type
Delete Template Delete a template. action
Get Template Details Returns basic details of a template. get
Get Templates Returns a list of templates for a client. get


Feature Description Type
Get Classic Email Groups Gets a list of classic email groups. get
Get Message Details Get the message details. get
Get Messages Sent To get a list of sent messages. get
Get Smart Email Details Get details of a smart transactional email. get
Get Smart Emails Get a list of smart transactional emails. get
Resend Message To resend a message. action
Send Classic Email Sends an email providing your own content. action
Send Smart Email To deliver a smart email. action
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